Last Readings Brothers & Coyotes


This wasn’t one of my favorites maybe because the way it written , but i did enjoy the story behind it . This story was about a black man named “half man ” who wanted to the best at whatever he decided to do , so if he was going to be poor count him as the best . During the interview i felt  it could of been harder to get more in depth with half man . For what the topic was it was unusual because most journalism might not venture into dangerous situations to get a full story , so i appreciated that .

Coyotes :

Coyote’s was actually an interesting read about an American Men  who was with Mexican men making their way across the boarder . I loved the details he used and they way he mocked one the Mexcians voices which made it very interesting and kept me interested .  That also showed the reader that he can show the difference between the two men lifestyle clearly .

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“Sports Training has Begun for Babies ” article review

I came across this story while searching the most popular topics and this title interested me . the story didn’t have a strong lead but it was easy to follow . The piece talks about how one trainer starts very early on training babies and toddlers on how to play sports .  The piece had opinions from  experts and parents which was interesting to see two views .  What seems to be a smart idea to raise lil Olympic stars is not promoted by doctors .

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Review: Enrique’s Journey & Telling True Stories

Enrique’s Journey

I really enjoyed the first chapter of Enrique’s Journey  I like  the story that it began with a very vivid scene of Enrique’s mom leaving at a very young age . I also enjoyed  the progression of the years through Enrique’s life . Each couple years there was a very vivid story on his struggle and how he moved to many houses , through the good and bad . One moment that i felt that Enrique life was looking somewhat up was when he lived with his uncle Marco until his girlfriend wanted  Enrique to leave . A very down moment in his life was when he owed the drug dealer’s money . I loved the way the author was able to bring his story to the pages and make it jump out at the reader with her descriptive words .


Telling True Stories

Telling Trues Stories takes a behind the scene look at Nazario’s story and how it came to form . I actually like behind the scene pieces cause it shows you a different side that some over look . i found it interesting that Nazario had over 10 pages of story that wasn’t used . I also like to hear the author

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Bob Greene

So We Meet At Last  Mr . Bond

 The Lead and Nut Graph  of all the pieces this one was my favorite .   I liked  how  Greene listed  some noteable heros and then said james Bond as if he was on the same level as MLK jr .  The rest of the piece sort of lost me , but some what held my interest because of the descriptive words he used and detail he used .   Greene gave us a sense of who Sean Connery is and the difference btween the character and the real person .

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feature article

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Barry’s Pieces

Einstein’s Gap : It’ All relative  & This Won’t Hurt a Bit .

Both pieces were very funny and still kept me interested . First piece was parent -child humor , Barry used the generational gap joke to highlight the father and son relationship .  The writing style seem more like a blog or a funny column . I liked how Barry incorporated jokes and still was able to get his underlying point across that education has changed over the years .  For This Won’t Hurt A But , Barry took a cynical approach where he was bashing it seemed “hospital sitcoms ” and the funny sign that is located in hospitals where it states if the paient catches on fire use this which could of been a mistake of words but Barry found that little mistake and played on it .  Barry took a serious setting like a hospital and gave it humor .  Both pieces were my favorites of the humor cluster .

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Ephron Piece’s

Deep Throat & Baking Off

For Deep Throat , I really enjoyed the topic and enjoyed the way Ephron wrote and used detail. I also like the quotes that he used from Lovelace which shaped her profile . The humor in the piece  to me wasnt that funny , but i could see where Ephron was getting comedic . My favorite part about the piece was how Ephron continue to try to make Lovelace seem very regular instead of a porn super star, he used quotes  from Lovelace to solidify that she was just a regular person who enjoys sex.

Bake -Off

Bake-Off had a whole different feel from Deep Throat . Bake -Off was about a nationwide bake off and those individuals that were involved . the piece briefly describe about 10 people which began to get a little confusing for me as the reader cause i felt it was jumping from place to place . Again the details used were very good and made me feel like a fly on the wall at the hotel where all the contestants were staying . The humor again i found very dry  and didnt really pop out to me .

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