A Wicked Wind Takes Aim : review

A Wicked Wind Takes Aim was a feature article written by Julia Keller for The Chiago Tribune . The article basically takes place on the outskirts of Illinois in a little town called Utica . Keller Profiles this small town and the people who were affected by this deadly tornado . In the beginning of the article she was mainly focusing on the view of a Chiago Meteorologist , which gave a scientific outlook on the tornado that struck this small town . Towards the middle of the story Kelly kind of lost me as the reader because of the detail that she went into . keller went into much detail about the day ,describing the actions of alomst 6 or more people . During this part of the article i almost drew a blank stare because i wanted to know more about the tornado not what the little girl sitting in the dinner was doing . It wasn’t until the end where Keller pulled me back in as a reader and left us on a cliff hanger . Overall the way the article was written was very clever and her use of language was really good .

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