“Alive” & “Silent Season of a Hero ” : Review

First I will critique Piers Paul Read’s  Alive . Having seen the movie and previous read some of the whole book “Alive” was kind of like a primer for the selection that we had to read . In this selection Read  was giving us a detail look at what the passengers had to do to survive , this selection was a very pivotal part in the movie and the overall story . The next step for survival for these survivors was to eat their beloved friends and family because the food that was left was very minimal . Read gave some back ground history on some characters and described in detail their living situation which i really appreciated because it made me as a reader feel like a fly on the wall of their world . I also like the  way Read used detail about everyone there in this specific scene so although this is the middle of the book you still got to connect with the character and maybe the reason why or why not did they not want to eat their beloved . The next selection that i wanted to talk about was the Gay Talese piece called “The Silent Season of a Hero ” . I really enjoyed reading this piece because it took the reader into the very private life of Joe DiMaggio . I really enjoyed how Talese got the point of view of the fishermen that lived neared DiMaggio . One thing that surprised me while reading the speech was his marriage between him and Marilyn Monroe which gave the reader a little insight on how protective DiMaggio was over her . One scene that you could really see their contrast in personality was when they were on their honeymoon in Toyko and she left to go to an army base to greet the soliders on her own merit which left DiMaggio by himself , according to the piece it seems that DiMaggio forsaw Monroe’s life spiriling out of control and how she was so drawn to the “limelight” unlike him. I also enjoyed the way Talese  gave specific detail about DiMaggio’s house  and the way things were situated and the pictures that were on the wall . Overall i really enjoyed reading this selection because it showed  of side of  the famous baseball player  that often isnt seen .

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