Steinback , Herr and Pyle

John Steinback ‘s Once There Was a War .

Steinback’s Once There Was a War is a collection of Steinback’s accounts while he was a war correspondent .The selected piece was very well written and flowed very nice.  I liked the way he described the events and the detail he used . The descriptive language he used really set the tone of the story and made it a very good read . The way Steinback would describe the soldiers and their action made the reader feel like they were right there in the trenches with them . Overall i enjoyed the piece .

Micheal Herr’s  Dispatches .

Taking a similar approach like  Steinback , Herr recalls his experiences as a war correspondent during the Vietnam war .  Like Steinback i felt  that Herr gave very good accounts of the strife that the soldiers had to go through during the war .  Herr revealed the deep inner feelings of the troops which sets his accounts very different from steinbacks approach . Again very descriptive language and tone which made the story more interesting .

Ernie Pyle  Pieces

The piece sort of starts off slow to me ,maybe because i was slighty lost on what’s going on . Until the narrator mentioned that five men were lined up dead i realized that this was not like the other two pieces which both authors were correspondents .  The war scenes described in these accounts were very gruesome and detailed . Throughout some of the piece i felt lost and unaware of what was going on . i did appreciate his great detail of the beach and details of what the troops carried which gave it a personable feel .  All together Pyles pieces were some of my least favorite readings .

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