Ephron Piece’s

Deep Throat & Baking Off

For Deep Throat , I really enjoyed the topic and enjoyed the way Ephron wrote and used detail. I also like the quotes that he used from Lovelace which shaped her profile . The humor in the piece  to me wasnt that funny , but i could see where Ephron was getting comedic . My favorite part about the piece was how Ephron continue to try to make Lovelace seem very regular instead of a porn super star, he used quotes  from Lovelace to solidify that she was just a regular person who enjoys sex.

Bake -Off

Bake-Off had a whole different feel from Deep Throat . Bake -Off was about a nationwide bake off and those individuals that were involved . the piece briefly describe about 10 people which began to get a little confusing for me as the reader cause i felt it was jumping from place to place . Again the details used were very good and made me feel like a fly on the wall at the hotel where all the contestants were staying . The humor again i found very dry  and didnt really pop out to me .

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