Review: Enrique’s Journey & Telling True Stories

Enrique’s Journey

I really enjoyed the first chapter of Enrique’s Journey  I like  the story that it began with a very vivid scene of Enrique’s mom leaving at a very young age . I also enjoyed  the progression of the years through Enrique’s life . Each couple years there was a very vivid story on his struggle and how he moved to many houses , through the good and bad . One moment that i felt that Enrique life was looking somewhat up was when he lived with his uncle Marco until his girlfriend wanted  Enrique to leave . A very down moment in his life was when he owed the drug dealer’s money . I loved the way the author was able to bring his story to the pages and make it jump out at the reader with her descriptive words .


Telling True Stories

Telling Trues Stories takes a behind the scene look at Nazario’s story and how it came to form . I actually like behind the scene pieces cause it shows you a different side that some over look . i found it interesting that Nazario had over 10 pages of story that wasn’t used . I also like to hear the author

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