Last Readings Brothers & Coyotes


This wasn’t one of my favorites maybe because the way it written , but i did enjoy the story behind it . This story was about a black man named “half man ” who wanted to the best at whatever he decided to do , so if he was going to be poor count him as the best . During the interview i felt  it could of been harder to get more in depth with half man . For what the topic was it was unusual because most journalism might not venture into dangerous situations to get a full story , so i appreciated that .

Coyotes :

Coyote’s was actually an interesting read about an American Men  who was with Mexican men making their way across the boarder . I loved the details he used and they way he mocked one the Mexcians voices which made it very interesting and kept me interested .  That also showed the reader that he can show the difference between the two men lifestyle clearly .

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