Feature story 11-11-10


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Steinback , Herr and Pyle

John Steinback ‘s Once There Was a War .

Steinback’s Once There Was a War is a collection of Steinback’s accounts while he was a war correspondent .The selected piece was very well written and flowed very nice.  I liked the way he described the events and the detail he used . The descriptive language he used really set the tone of the story and made it a very good read . The way Steinback would describe the soldiers and their action made the reader feel like they were right there in the trenches with them . Overall i enjoyed the piece .

Micheal Herr’s  Dispatches .

Taking a similar approach like  Steinback , Herr recalls his experiences as a war correspondent during the Vietnam war .  Like Steinback i felt  that Herr gave very good accounts of the strife that the soldiers had to go through during the war .  Herr revealed the deep inner feelings of the troops which sets his accounts very different from steinbacks approach . Again very descriptive language and tone which made the story more interesting .

Ernie Pyle  Pieces

The piece sort of starts off slow to me ,maybe because i was slighty lost on what’s going on . Until the narrator mentioned that five men were lined up dead i realized that this was not like the other two pieces which both authors were correspondents .  The war scenes described in these accounts were very gruesome and detailed . Throughout some of the piece i felt lost and unaware of what was going on . i did appreciate his great detail of the beach and details of what the troops carried which gave it a personable feel .  All together Pyles pieces were some of my least favorite readings .

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Lady Olga (review) and Girl of the Year (review)

Lady Olga by Joesph Mitchell was a very interesting read .  I enjoyed how Mitchell took an out of the ordinary person and made her seem ordinary . Most people would have assumed that miss Barnell was a “freak” or weird person , but we realized that she just wants to be regualr and not judged . In the profile article Mitchell used a quote where Barnell said that she donated the the ASPCA because she said “to an animal , if your bearded , it makes no difference ” .  I noted they way Mitchell shaped his profile on the bearded lady and wanted to make the reader see her as a regualr person and not just a freak of the circus . He was also able to give us an inside look on the politics of the circus business like the issue with unions and such .  The article took a turn when Mitchell started to write about her younger life and she got into the circus intially and how the circus life wasnt for her after her husband pasted .

Girl of the Year by Tom Wolfe is a profile on “baby jane” Holtzer  was at the time was a supermodel .  Coming right into the article i enjoyed how Wolfe put the reader into a scene and helped you visualize backstage at a show and a bubbly young girl bouncing around .  Wolfe uses alot of quotes from friends to describe some of Janes actions . We see her relationship with Andy Warhol and how some editors in the field refer to her as a free spirit who would rather be known as being friends with the Rolling Stones than invited to some elite party . Although jane was known as these famous model and the new “it ” Girl she just really wanted to be seen like a regular girl .

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Feature Story # 4 ” the Mean Girls of Morehouse “


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The Sorrow and the Sparrow review

The Sorrow and the Sparrow : The life and Death of Chris Chester , was a hard read for me . I loved the details  the author used  but I was having a hard time following . I liked the Beginning of the piece and the way it started off  but after the 7th paragraph i was kind of lost and find myself having to re- read alot .  All together it was not an enjoyable read but the details that were used to describe the relationship between the bird and its owner were very good as well .  One of my favorite lines was “Who are we to judge the form of anyone else’s happiness, however odd, however fleeting” .

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feature article #3


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“Alive” & “Silent Season of a Hero ” : Review

First I will critique Piers Paul Read’s  Alive . Having seen the movie and previous read some of the whole book “Alive” was kind of like a primer for the selection that we had to read . In this selection Read  was giving us a detail look at what the passengers had to do to survive , this selection was a very pivotal part in the movie and the overall story . Continue reading

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